What Is the Difference between a Logo and a Slogan

A logo is a noticeable design compromising of a symbol, name, specified colours, fonts, and icons. It is your business’s visual identity. A slogan is a memorable phrase or motto intended to be a repetitive expression of a purpose or promise. A slogan aims to subliminally persuade customers into buying a product or service by depicting the company’s offerings.

Logos and Slogans Combined

A great logo and an effective slogan are critical in developing a solid brand identity and a recognizable image for your business. It is worth investing effort, time, and money to establish these brand elements. These create the first impression with your customer base.

The purpose of a slogan is to express the most important aspects of your business to target customers and make it memorable. Below are some points to consider when creating a slogan with the presence of a logo:

• It stimulates a reaction when it is read or heard aloud
• It includes a call to action related to the brand and fits seamlessly with the logo
• It reminds customers of the brand and products
• It communicates the main gist of branding that customers can recall with the logo

What Are Important Tips on Creating a Slogan
Understand the heart of your brand

Your slogan is an extension of your business, its values, visions, and purposes. It works hand-in-hand with all your other branding elements to create a lasting impression. When you develop a slogan, make it short and memorable that shows what your brand stands for and what people can get from it.

Know What Makes You Special

What makes your business unique? How is it different from the competition? You must know your unique selling point to create an effective slogan. Once you do, you may repeat the saying on any marketing communication.

Know Your Target Market

You can have the best slogan in the world, but it won’t make a difference if it does not resonate with the reaches of your target audience. Your customers should feel like you are talking to them directly. Regardless of the industry, a great slogan helps you stand out from the crowd and attract the right audience. A good rule of thumb is to keep it short and straightforward.

Keep It Simple

What makes a slogan difficult to create, is having to tell an entire brand story in a few words. This is why you must keep them extremely simple and use everyday words and phrases that your users can easily recognize.

Make It Classic and Timeless

Your slogan is a success once it stands the test of time, however there is no way of knowing that now. To ensure it is timeless, try to create one that will remain relevant for the years to come. Avoid phrases or words stuck in a temporary trend that nobody will understand ten years from now.

Make It Catchy

Effective slogans are naturally catchy from the moment people hear or see them for the first time. For example, one of the best and most relevant slogan is Nike’s “Just Do It”. It rolls of the tongue naturally. It is short but it is impactful. Remember, less is more. But less with a strong message is the best.

Keep It Consistent With Your Brand Voice

Are you humorous, formal, abstract, or sophisticated? Make sure your slogan is aligned with your brand voice to establish consistency. A specific tone across will help branding stay consistent and speak effectively to your target audience.

What Are The Examples of Companies With Quality Slogans?


The “Just Do It” is one of the biggest and most successful ones in history. The reason behind its global fame is that it speaks to every person in a unique truth. For some it is a motivation to push past their boundaries and limits. Others are inspired to overcome obstacles in their path. People see this slogan as a nod to breaking barriers and fulfilling their dreams. Those are values that never go out of style. 


“Taste The Rainbow” is famous due to its powerful ability to impact the senses. Skittles still get global traction by creating a slogan that allows consumers to experience a cross-sensory perception of tasting colours that can only be seen. This is a persuasive slogan technique that lets people associate the taste of Skittles with the sight of rainbow colours that are present in their everyday lives.


“Because You’re Worth It” is a legendary slogan symbolic of the empowerment of women of all ages and backgrounds. It is designed to let women see their beauty and send of worth are essential. L’Oreal front women of varying backgrounds and cultures to market the brand worldwide, making the phrase relevant and authentic. This is a statement for the generation of women today and generations of women to come. Since its creation, “Because You’re Worth It” has been translated into 40 languages. It became a united slogan worldwide, binding women together and encouraging them to fearlessly embrace their beauty, ambitions, and self-worth every day.

How Can You Write A Slogan?

A good slogan can make your business memorable for decades to come. Use the following tips to write a company slogan:
• Start by brainstorming words. Put down as many words as you can
• Take a break and start selecting words that are most relevant to you
• Try to make small sentences with these words. Make as many as you can
• Take a break, maybe a day or two and then come back to it with fresh eyes
• Select sentences and phrases that make sense and sound good
• See how these slogans roll of the tongue and how they can make someone feel
• Look at other company slogans for inspiration
• Repeat this process until you have a slogan that you love

It Is More than Just Words

Good slogans bring up memories, feelings, images, emotions, and tastes. They are invisible experiences in the brain. Being easy to remember is a crucial function of what makes a great slogan. Creating a memorable and positive feeling in people makes a slogan an eternal investment into brand recognition.

Almost every good slogan is made of simple and easy words, words used in everyday speech. When you combine a simple phrase with the memory of your brand image, you have attained one of the most critical goals in advertising and branding.

Catchy and memorable slogans are vital in any marketing setting. The best company slogans are instantly recognizable, ultimately, because people remember them. And you should create a slogan that people want to remember.

One you come up with a unique brand name and a distinctive logo, creating the perfect slogan is the next step to building a powerful brand identity.