Website Design Questionnaire

Website Questionnaire
Please fill in the below to help us understand your business more. This will help us determine the route we will take with the design of the website. If any of these questions cannot be answered, we strongly suggest you do research as these are important aspects for any business to be aware of. For the best experience, fill in the form on a laptop/desktop or a Mobile phone on a stable network.
These questions are more personal to you as the owner. This allows us to understand a little bit better what you are envisioning for your business. 
We required a word document for the information/content of the website. If there are specific images you would like on your website, please email them all in high resolution or through WeTransfer. In general, we use stock photography on our network for our designs. Any images outside of this will be the client's responsibility

We require the information in the following format (please note that each company is different and may have different page requirements, so please send through the document on your requirements, the below is the most basic guideline for many or all sites)
Landing Page/ Home Page - Includes a short introduction paragraph to who you are and what you are about, along with any information you deem important for your clients to see first.
About Us Page - this page generally includes a short paragraph on what your business is about, your vision and mission statements, etc.
Products/Services Page - This page is reserved to tell clients more in-depth about your services and products. Ideally, each service/product needs to be mentioned with a short description of each one.
Contact Us Page - This explains itself
Page 5 and more - This is where you need to decide which additional pages you require along with its information. No business is the same, and can range anything from a gallery page through to a blogging page.

Maximum upload size: 10MB