Types Of Content For Your Blog

We are going to talk about a few ideas to use in your blog to attract more traffic and generate more results for your company.

Blog content is text developed on a particular topic and published on your website. It should be updated on a regular basis and displayed from most recent to least recent.

A blog is the starting point for implementing your Content Marketing strategy. However, this step can be difficult for companies to invest in. What type of post should you use for your blog? What are the most suitable formats or the objective in regards to your content. When to use images, or videos is also important.

Educational Posts

The primary use of this type of post is to educate the audience about the market in which the product or service is intended. This type of post is to educate, not to sell. It may be the end-user already uses the product and sees these tips for some insights.

Tutorials or Step-By-Step

If you have to teach your audience how to perform a specific action practically, a tutorial or step-by-step post is a good idea. The idea behind this is to make the reader repeat what you are doing. So abuse screenshots, explanatory images, and think very well in a logical order to pass the content in the best possible way.


News about your market is also exciting content ideas that you can produce for your blog posts. Take advantage of the moment to publish as quickly as possible. News has an immediate character, so if you take too long to give information, your competitors may have already done it, and when you show it to your audience, there is a risk that you are too late.

How do you know when you are too late? It depends on your market and the importance of the news itself. Try to be agile without being negligent. News tends to have an expiration date, so they are a great way to engage with your audience and show them that you are updating and always looking for news in the market.


When people look for content about your market, a blog can be an excellent place to write reviews related to your market. One of the ways to do this is to think about the products that your audience is interested in and that your audience consumes and analyzes them.

If you have read a book about your market, you can use the knowledge gained to write a review and thus pass on that knowledge, and in a more simplified way than in the original contents. The same goes for a movie, a documentary, a game, an app, an event, etc.


Video content is no longer just a trend, it has become part of our lives. A good video strategy can increase the consumer’s understanding of your product/service by 74%. And many consumers prefer video compared to text.

Case Studies

One way to prove the value of your product or service is to create case studies. The advantage is that you can showcase your company overcame challenges and achieved actual solutions. Many people would like to know a “recipe” to accelerate the entry of a new customer, increase profits, spend less to produce, and more on other facilities. Such a perspective makes the customer who may be facing the same problem, see how to use the same solution efficiently.

Another positive aspect to this is that it does not show your company’s service is good from your own perspective, but from those who use it. This guarantees immense credibility to the message you want to pass on. 


Infographics is a content format that usually generates excellent results. It is because it is a simplified look on long ideas in a few words and with a visual appeal that almost always works. You can use this for both lead generation, promoting them on landing pages, and posts to generate interest on backlinks.


Have you ever thought about turning what you do every day into content for your readers? That is a simple way to produce content since all you need is to organize your expertise on a specific project or topic and start writing.