Wall Calendar


Do you remember ever buying a calendar? Calendars are everywhere – offices, stores, banks, restaurants, and homes. But do these people buy their calendars? The answer is simply no.

Calendars are one of the most common advertising tools for many businesses. If you look at your nearest calendar, chances are that it has a branded message on it. Calendars are an effective way to give your brand 365 days of exposure.

Giving away a free calendar is a nice gesture and a great present. This is why it makes the perfect advertising tool. As any present, it boosts your business relations and it is always respectful for the other party to hang up the calendar you give them. And if you receive a calendar you of course return the favor by hanging your calendar on the wall.

Our calendars are expertly printed for a high-quality finish that will impress employees and clients alike. This way you can be sure that the other side will not only use your calendar but also because they like it and find it practical. Be creative and design something amazing, be it creating a fun family calendar, a stunning business calendar, or celebrating another year with your club or league, we have all the solutions for you.

Processing: Holes
Size: A0, A1, A2 and A3
Paper: 220gsm Photo Satin Matt / 245gsm Matt

Please choose different quantities as some amounts are cheaper to print (bulk is key). Our 220gsm Photo Satin Matt is our premium range paper, and the 245gsm matt our standard paper stock if the premium is out of your budget.