Seeded Business Cards


Various Seeds To Choose From

Growing Paper Business Cards are handmade from 100% recyclable paper, embedded with seeds, and plantable to be environmentally friendly.

The best feature about these items is even if they end up as litter (as they often do), they will simply decompose or grow into something beautiful! Hand out these business cards to your clients and show them that you are an eco-friendly company. After they have noted your details, your client can plant your card with the flowers or herbs embedded in the cards. They come standard as 90x50mm and can be printed single or double sided.

Seeds Available:
Indigenous flower mix – African Daisies and Vygies
Herb mix – Basil and Rocket
Veggie mix – Carrot and Tomato
Flower mix – a mix of 8 flower seeds

Please contact us for alternative options on seeds

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