Fridge Calendar


Do you remember ever buying a calendar? Calendars are everywhere – offices, stores, banks, restaurants, and homes. But do these people buy their calendars? The answer is simply no.

Calendars are one of the most common advertising tools for many businesses. If you look at your nearest calendar, chances are that it has a branded message on it. Calendars are an effective way to give your brand 365 days of exposure.

Giving away a free calendar is a nice gesture and a great present. This is why it makes the perfect advertising tool. As any present, it boosts your business relations and it is always respectful for the other party to hang up the calendar you give them. And if you receive a calendar you of course return the favour by hanging your calendar on the wall.

What is better than an ordinary wall calendar or a tent calendar? Magnetic Fridge Calendars! They are a practical and fun way to keep the spotlight on your business 365 days a year! Our expertly printed, fully customized calendars offer an opportunity for your brand message to be communicated while gifting your client with a handy year planner that barely requires any effort to mount.

Size: A4, A5, A6 and DL
Paper: 350gsm Matt/Gloss
Colours: CMYK
Sides: 1 Side
Refining: Magnets

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.