How to Attract New Customers

As a business owner, you are more than aware that your client base is the lifeblood of your company. A steady stream of new customers allows you to grow your business and fulfill your company vision. There are a few steps you can take to attract new clients.

Identify Your Ideal Client

It is easier to look for new customers if you know the type of customers you seek. Without the composite of your ideal customer, you would not know where to start looking. Think about what makes your customers happy, sad and scared, and then think about how you can make their lives a little easier. Narrow down your ideal client and avoid making broad target market statements, such as every woman, every man, or all baby boomers. Few products appeal to that vast group of people and overstating your market can prevent you from developing viable targeted strategies for attracting clients.

Discover Where Your Client Lives

Identify your target customer and where they are likely to be found, e.g. Media, online, offline, mail, etc.) and then create messages for them. Where you look for your ideal customer depends on the nature of your business. Some good online locations include forums and social media pages. Offline you can meet plenty of potential customers at conferences and conventions in your industry.

Position Yourself as the Answer

Give potential clients you come in contact with a good reason to try your services, which is your first step to making them loyal customers. Provide value and establish yourself as having an in-depth understanding of the problems they are looking to solve. This takes the form of creating content via webinars, blog posts, guest blogging, and getting out there and physically networking with people. From all this, you will start to attract a following, and as long as you have a structured sales funnel setup, you will be able to convert the followers/fans into paying customers.

Try Direct Response Marketing

Your best bet for reaching out to customers may be able to use tactics to encourage them to complete a specific action, such as opt into your email list or request more information. Create messages directed at your target market. Learn to create ads that attract your ideal clients by giving them something of value for free to get them started in your funnel. Learn all you can about direct response marketing practices because they will teach you to focus on results that matter.

Build Partnerships

Teaming up with businesses that offer complementary services offers you the opportunity to take advantage of synergy, which can be very effective in building a business. For instance, if your business does SEO, consider teaming up with a business that does websites. Focus on building human relationships. The stronger your relationships are, the more likely your customers will tell their friends about you.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are having trouble expanding your customer base, you may be narrowing your focus, and with that, missing the mark with potential new customers. If you are pitching your business in the same way you always have, it is no surprise that you are having trouble reaching new customers. Selling is the transfer of trust so instead of relying on a sales pitch you are comfortable with, focus first on building a relationship with the potential customer. Once you have earned their trust, you have also earned their ear. At this point, you can begin to educate them on recognizing the superior value of your product or services.

Leverage Your Existing Network

This may be your best network to reach out to, as their good word of mouth will help grow your customer base. Develop a core group of customers that can make referrals, referrals are strong leads. Network as much as possible within your target market, for example, if you own a bike shop, then you should join as many cycle-related groups as possible.

Add Calls to Action

Add a call to action for every piece of marketing you send out, whether that is an Instagram post, a weekly newsletter, or one of your offline marketing strategies. It is not enough to just write a blog, after it is written, you must add a call to action that clearly states how the clients can work with you (i.e. “sign up for my…”). Calls to action do not have to be elaborate or ask much from your customers, the goal is often to increase engagement. Ask them for their opinions, suggest that they tag you with certain hashtags, or provide a link so that they can sign up for your email updates.

Actively Participate In Facebook Groups

A lot of people think that Facebook for Business is dead. Since Facebook pages now have a very small organic reach (like 3%), it is easy to assume that the whole platform is useless. But as a whole, Facebook is a great way to find new clients. Join Facebook Groups where your ideal client may be hanging out. Then, rather than being spammy or self-promoting, be very helpful when people ask questions on the group. Other group members will start to take note of your expertise and will check out your profile.

Create Blog Content That Has The Ideal Customer In Mind

Are you a personal stylist? Share tips with the most flattering styles for each body type. Are you a copywriter? Write posts about how to create an awesome about us page. Are you a web designer? Share advice on how to use WordPress. This will not only reel them into your site but will also give you a chance to show the immense knowledge you have in your field. It is like selling without selling. You get to show off your skills without forcing anything on your readers.

Build An Active Social Media Presence

Social media builds trust and expands your reach. The key is also to be a normal human being, not a salesperson. Sprinkle your business into your normal posts, sharing behind the scene snippets whenever you can. Your clients want to do business with normal people.

Follow Up With Potential Clients That Never Purchased

You most likely have emails from clients who initially inquired about your services and then never emailed you back. Follow up with them and send them an email. If you want to feel really bold and improve your business, find out why they did not continue with your business.

Follow Up With Past Clients To See If They Need Additional Help

Send them an email and ask how things are going and if they need any extra help. Often, they will and will need a nudge to move you to the top of their to-do list. Or you may have found something that will really help your client, so send your client an email to tell them about it.

Build An Email List and Stay In Touch

Building an email list is one of the best things you can do for your business. Growing a list will allow you to stay in touch with your clients in a way nothing else can. Not everyone checks your social media account on a regular basis, but it is very likely they check their emails on a regular basis.