Fundamentals For Marketing Your Business With No Money

Many business owners think because they do not have much money to spend on marketing that there is not much they can do to promote their business. This is normally not the case.

Marketing is not about how much you spend but about what you do. Where large corporations may do high-profile television, radio, and news campaigns to generate business, a small business with a small budget needs to get attention and drive sales on a shoestring. This means getting creative!

The businesses that are very good at marketing themselves on a low budget all do certain things very well.

1. They are good at building a large network of fans and followers to promote their business via social media. They put a lot of time and energy into engaging with their fand and keeping them engaged. For many, this is their only marketing strategy.

2. They get out a lot more, which means they go hunting for business rather than waiting for it to come to them. This can be as simple as knocking on doors, chasing referrals, doing their homework, being detectives, and doing what they can to track down decision-makers.

3. They look after their existing clients extremely well to ensure their word of mouth promotion is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All they do is treat their customers with respect and this they do gladly.

4. They partner with other businesses that share similar customers and cross-promote. This reduces the cost of marketing for new businesses and accelerates the speed at which new customers come on board due to the existing credibility with the referring business partner.

5. They market all the time, regardless of how busy or how quiet they may be. They know that the marketing they do today will serve their business tomorrow.

6. They are constantly trying new products and services to ensure they are giving their clients exactly what they want. This is a big one as they are constantly engaging with their customers to make sure they are on target with what they are selling. Many companies overlook this.

7. They are never afraid to try something a little crazy or unconventional to get noticed.

Successfully marketing a business is a state of mind. If you think you can’t because you don’t have money, you wouldn’t do anything. It becomes an excuse rather than a reality. If you are hungry enough, prepared to hit the streets to chase business and do whatever it takes, you will be successful and enjoy doing it.