Foxx Design

We are here to make things easier for business owners. As we all know, owning a business is very time-consuming and the last thing you want to do is sit on the internet and look for a random company to do your marketing. This alone runs a risk of you finding a company that does not have their client’s best interest at heart, and you leave disappointed and any further experiences with agencies will have you wary.

What we do for your clients is simple, we assist our clients with practically anything marketing-related. From Website design through to printing on pens. We take the hassle out of the effort for you to find a reputable company to assist with everything, as you do not want to do business cards at one place and flyers at another, and so on. The factories we use are spread all over South Africa, all with the highest quality work (as we do not pick partners to work with just because they may give us better prices, we only go for quality). This way we can get very competitive rates with each unique order as we contact the right people on your behalf.

And in the rare case, we cannot help, we try our very best to refer to the right person to assist you.


Just Some Of Our Services We Can Assist You With

Website Design and Hosting

We specialize in modern and corporate website design. We develop websites on both WordPress and Joomla, depending on your requirements on your business journey. Pair this with our reliable hosting packages, you are sure to stand out from your competition.

Litho Printing and Digital Printing

Both versions of printing offer exceptional quality. We are able to print various types of paper products, and we recommend the best options for your requirements. From business cards, through to Invoice Books and Estate folders. We can do it all!

Corporate Gifts and Clothing

Nothing says “I care” than a well placed corporate gift. We have thousands of products to choose from, each can be branded with your logo. And while you are giving out an epic gift to your client, why not do this with an embroidered office shirt or golf shirt? Our products are the best in South Africa, many of them locally manufactured.